Customizable Exam Preparation Services

You select the exam mode, the number of questions, and the domains that you will be tested on. You are in control! ® is NOT like any other exam preparation service that you may be used to!

What makes ® different? - It is designed to be that way!

Customizable tests

Most preparation services provide set exams. They can quickly become predictable, losing their effectiveness with each use. Not ®!

Design your Exams

Our testing engine has been designed with randomization at its core. Every test you take is guaranteed to be different, just like the real exam.

Review Concepts and Topics for the CDR Exam

Review tests results, which are charted and multi-graphed, allowing you to spot areas requiring attention. Plot your next test to do just that!

Videos integrated into the practice exams ® is specially engineered to be a dynamic and growing entity, always changing as the field of Dietetics changes.

Become an expert taking computerized exams and be confident on test day!

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