You Can Add Notes to Questions and Exams!

This makes it easier for you to stay organized!

Help keep track of difficult or confusing questions, question types, or other important data!

Adding Notes

If you have a question about the exam, we can help!

Regardless of the test mode selected, you are able to add notes to any question as you move through the exam. There is no need to maintain a sticky note mess!!

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All notes are dynamic! Update or even delete them as your skills improve! Exams with high note counts may indicate a tough exam, or one that has topics that you want to review!

Videos integrated into the exams

At the end of every exam you will also have an opportunity to add an exam note. Your exam notes make it a breeze to find the specific exam that you may want to review again.

Review Concepts and Topics

When reviewing your exam history chart, all exam notes are displayed next to the exam it belongs to. It also displays the number of question notes added for that exam!

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