Our commitment to you - the RDstudy.com ® Guarantee!

Your Money Back - Guaranteed!

At RDstudy.com we are committed to ensuring that you are happy with your purchase! That is why we let you use the site, with some limitations, to let you see if our tools are useful to you.

Refund Eligibility

To be eligible to request a refund for ANY package purchased, the following conditions (limitations of use) apply:

  1. If you purchase any plan there is a 5 day grace period to look over the site, with day 1 starting on the day access to the site is purchased.
  2. Any request for a refund must be made within the 5 day grace period, that is within 5 days of purchasing the account.
  3. A maximum of 100 questions can be reviewed (answered or not), in any combination of exam lengths. By exceeding the 100 question mark, you are making it known that the questions are helpful to you and that you want to continue using the site. At this point a refund request is no longer possible. If you are still uncertain about the site, ensure that you do not review more than 100 questions.
  4. A maximum of 5 videos can be reviewed. Once a video starts, it is considered reviewed. Free Videos of the week are NOT included within this count, as long as you review it via the Free Video of the week page (ex: you are in the guest section of the site and you are not logged in). Any video reviewed while logged into your account and selected from the video library will count towards the 5 maximum, even if it is one of the Free Videos of the week.
  5. Ask the RD! ® submissions are limited to 2 within this 5 day time frame.
  6. Total logins are limited to no more that 10. This means that you can access the site up to 10 times during the 5 day grace period.
  7. If you let the 5 day grace period expire (including Saturday and Sunday), or exceed taking 100 questions, or review more than 5 videos, or submit more than 2 question into Ask the RD! ®, or log into the site more than 10 times, you are agreeing that you find the site helpful and useful, and that you want to continue using the site. At this point you waive the right to request a refund. Exceeding any one of the listed limitations indicates that you feel the value of the site is worth the amount paid to access the site and that you do not want, nor will you request, a refund. If you are looking over the site to make sure it is a good fit for you, these limitations still allow for ample access to make that decision. Please do not inquire about special circumstances; see below about placing your account into inactive status.


We want you to be happy with your purchase and the above policy gives you ample opportunity to see if RDstudy.com ® is a good fit for you.


Requesting your refund:

If the above conditions are met - you can request a refund the following ways:

  1. You may call us, email us or use the contact us form and state that you would like a refund. As long as you do not use the site (login to your account), after you submit your request, the time and date of the request will be honored. This will allow you to cancel your subscription after hours, or on a weekend - as long as you have not exceeded any of the limitations mentioned above.

How your refund will be processed

  1. If paid via credit card, the transaction will be reversed via PayPal™ - the way we process credit card payments.
  2. If paid by PayPal™ email invoice the transaction will be reversed via PayPal™ .
  3. If paid by check sent via the USPS - Once your check properly clears, we will send you a refund check for the amount that was paid. This may take up to 21 days for proper processing and turnaround.

Other important information:

  1. All accounts will be closed immediately upon receiving the refund request. If you are canceling over the weekend please leave a message via phone,send an email or the contact us form. Your account will be closed when the request is received and your refund has been processed.
  2. If any of the above limitations are exceeded - NO refunds will be given. RDstudy.com ® may elect to, based upon individual circumstances, after a detailed, and systematic account review, determine that a payment may be returned to the customer. Any fees incurred due to the review process will be deducted from any monies returned. The review process may take up to 45 days, and subsequent return of payment will be done via check, mailed to the account holders address. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for payment to arrive after the review process has been completed and a decision has been made.
  3. You may request that your account be placed in an inactive state if you need to reschedule your test or if other situations such as family emergencies occur. Inactive accounts will remain in that state for up to 30 days, automatically activating on day 31. It is your responsibility to be aware of your account status, as no notifications will be sent when reactivation occurs. Accounts can only be placed on hold one time, regardless of the time frame for the hold requested. Any price lock guarantees are immediately terminated when an account is placed into an inactive status.
  4. If you previously had an account with us and this is a secondary or followup purchase, then you are not eligible for a refund of any kind.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy.

Last updated: June 21, 2017