Additional RD Test Resources

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Various Sites that you might find helpful!

Helpful information for RD's and DTR's, or those interested in these exciting career paths: - A new and growing site dedicated to assisting individuals to learn about the profession, to find an accredited school or internship program, to understand State requirements, to find career and salary information as well as providing articles related to Dietetics and Nutrition. Definitely worth a quick look over if you are interested in the field, or already in the field and would like State specific or salary information.


Test Related:

FDA HACCP Guidelines - These are the guidelines set forth by the FDA. A great resource if additional information is needed or wanted in regards to HACCP.

Basics at a glance - by NFSMIA - A great reference page regarding scoops, measurements, conversions and other great stuff!

Preparing for the Test:

The Commission on Dietetic Registration - Links to the current 2012 test specifications and most current outline, handbook and the testing fact sheet (major changes occur every 5 years). The fact sheet for the upcoming 2017 exam will probably be ready sometime in October, 2016

Once you pass the test, what do you need to do next?

State Licensure Information - Details on how to become licensed in your state.

Register Dietitian Portfolio Instructions - What you need to do to maintain your status as a Registered Dietitian.

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