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I love RDstudy.com - Thank You!

I love RDstudy.com. I never write reviews, but I had to this time. Studying alone for the RD exam was so taxing for me I postponed it for 3 years, crazy, I know. I found RDstudy.com and got the support I needed. The customer service is awesome. The Ask the RD! feature is so helpful for calculations and they responded in a timely manner. I asked customer service, why is this service not more well known, I was told they are improving their network to support more users and are planning to expand. I am so happy that this service is available for those like myself who felt so overwhelmed by independent study. RDstudy.com is the way to go!

New RD, NY

Passed on the first try!

Just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great program to study from! I am officially a new RD thanks to the great study questions. I highly recommend this program in order to prep for the multiple choice style questions on the RD Exam. Passed on the first try!

New RD, M.S., NY

I would recommend the program to anyone!

I just want to let you know that I passed the RD exam! I really like your program. Thanks to your practice tests, rationales for each question and responses to my questions, you help me to understand the materials a lot better. I wished I had known about RDstudy.com earlier. I would recommend the program to anyone! Thank you for contributing to my success!

New RD, CA


To Rob and the RDstudy Team,

I passed the RD exam thanks to the OUTSTANDING services of RDstudy. Other study materials – focusing on content – cannot match the combination of tests, videos and staff support that RD study provides. I loved how I could customize the services, focusing on tests, videos or Ask the RD questions, depending where I was at in my study process. I also learned from RD study how to become a more successful *test-taker.* That is, I vastly improved in analyzing and correctly interpreting test questions. Information alone is definitely NOT enough to pass the RD exam.

The number one reason to subscribe to RDstudy is the Ask the RD feature. The staff promptly, thoroughly and clearly answers questions on any exam topic. I was truly amazed by the depth, creativity and clinical detail in many of the replies I received. This interactive feature was a major key to my success for it made the study process more effective and immensely enjoyable.

Forever grateful!

God bless,

New RD, PhD, CA

Thank you for the help and support!

To all the RDstudy.com team - I am writing you this email to inform you that I passed my RD test! Thank you so much for all your help and support!

New RD, NY

Passed on First Try!

I passed the RD exam on my first try due in large part to the tutorials on RDstudy.com. The helpful formulas and practice problems made all the difference! Thank you for an amazing study aid!

New RD, FL

I am an RD!

After taking the RD exam for the third time and reading the report that stated, "Sorry you have Failed", I was devastated . I did not know what to do. I knew I understood the material , but I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. Nevertheless, I decided I would keep trying. This is what I went to school for. This is what I invested so much time, money, sweat, and tears into. I knew I was destined to be an RD. I had to find another route or a different way to study. I had already invested money in a study program, but I needed something different. After using RDstudy.com, I realized immediately what I was doing wrong. I knew my material, but I had to learn how to take the test. RDstudy.com prepared me to focus more on what the questions were asking rather than distracting details. There were hundreds of sample questions with thorough explanations but, the video tutorials were my favorite! The videos helped solidify key exam concepts. Nonetheless, I took the RD exam for the fourth time, and I was so excited to read a different report that stated, "Congratulations You Passed"! I know RDstudy.com was a big contributor to my success. I am so grateful for the program and the staff. I am excited and elated to finally be able to able to say I am an RD! For lasting words of encouragement I would like to say do not give up, keep the faith, stay in the race and give RDstudy.com a try!

New RD, AL

Finally Passed!

I passed my exam last week finally after 3 failed attempts and I couldn't have done it without RDstudy! Not only were your online quizzes and videos very informative, your thorough explanations in answering all my questions were extremely helpful. It helped me understand how to pick out the best answer on the exam. I highly recommend this site to anyone planning to take the RD exam. Thank you so much!

New RD, MD

Thank You So Much!

I passed and thank you so much! This program really helped me, my other materials were definitely not enough. The support was absolutely fantastic. I will be spreading the word about RDstudy to all of my future interns!

New RD, NY

I Passed!!!!

I wanted to check in and let you know that I took and passed the RD exam last week!! Thank you so much for everything!!

New RD, GA

RDstudy.com is the BEST!!

I passed my exam yesterday. Thank you RD Study team! I recommended you to all of my fellow interns who asked which study material I thought was best.

New RD, FL


I just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam today!! Thank you so much for all your help I will definitely be recommending this program to

New RD, TX


To everyone at RDstudy.com,

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. After two failed attempts previously, I took the RD exam for the third time today and finally passed! I owe it all to the RDstudy.com program. I have used many different programs in the past and nothing seemed to work for me and help me thoroughly understand the information as well as your program. I can't thank you enough, I was starting to lose hope! To anyone who is looking for study tools, I will be recommending you!

Thank you,

New RD, ME

Officially an RD!

Thank you for getting back to me on my last question - It was perfect timing. I am so excited to report to you that I am officially an RD and passed
the test this morning! Thank you again for your help throughout the last few weeks, I am SO grateful for this program and all your continuous support!!!

New RD, NJ

Very excited!

I just wanted to thank RDstudy.com for helping me pass my exam!!! Very excited about moving on with my career as a RD!!

Thanks RDstudy.com!!
New RD, MI

AWESOME service!

Thank you for providing this AWESOME service! I used so many study materials and paid a lot of money. But, I took a chance and invested in RDSTUDY.com and behold RDstudy.com is the BEST service ever! Your strategies to approach the RD test allowed me to pass the test!

I highly recommend RDSTUDY.COM!!
New RD, D.C.

Terrible test taker, but I passed!

Thank you so much for all your help and for rdstudy! I passed my exam today!! I am a terrible test taker, but I feel that rdstudy taught me how to critically address confusing questions. So grateful to God for getting through!

God bless you all!
New RD, CA

I am so thrilled!

I just wanted to thank you for this program! I passed my RD exam today!! I am so thrilled!

Thank you,
New RD, OH

Wonderful Service!

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my RD exam today! Thank you so much for providing wonderful service! You responded to my questions in timely manner, and the practice questions are very helpful as well.

Thank you,
New RD, NY

Best Available!

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I passed my RD exam today! I believe your course is the best available; it challenged me to be sharp and reminded me of things that I did not think of studying.

I appreciated all aspects of your program: short quizzes, explanations, tracking ability, quick email responses to any question. You provide a necessary service to future RD's.

Thank you,
New RD, CO


Thank you RD Study, I have passed my exam! You are AWESOME!!!

New RD, CA

Confidence Builder!

RDstudy.com gave me the confidence to go take that exam, and pass it quite easily!

Thank you!
New RD, NM

RDstudy.com clarified key concepts


I just took the RD exam and passed!!

Your system of test taking, tracking and explanations really helped to clarify key concepts. The fella who signed me up was so nice, and helpful. Thank you so much for making a really useful system - it has made all the difference for me.

New RD, NY

Incredibly Useful

I passed the RD exam today on my first try!

I think this program is incredibly useful. I would highly recommend it to others preparing for the exam.

Sincere thanks!!
New RD, MD

I Passed! Thank You!!

Hi Rob! I just wanted to share some good news with you. I passed my exam today!!! I got a 28 and the test only went up to 125 questions. I want to thank you for all your help!! I definitely utilized all your exam tips and changed the way I studied. I didn't rely so much on the other study guides this time around (except for some supplemental material), but I did utilize more outside reading materials (ADA position papers, management/food service books) and my scores on the RDstudy program improved a lot before I took the final exam. Again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!

New RD, CA

Another Passed on First Try!

Thank you for the great service! Help me pass on the first try!

New RD, CA

I passed! I passed! I passed!

I couldn't have done it without RDStudy. So many test questions, in depth explanations and video tutorials. The ability to monitor my improvements was very motivating. Money well spent! Thank you for all your personal help too.

New RD, KS

Entire Internship Class Passed on First Attempt!

I believe that RDstudy.com was definitely the key to passing the RD exam. I passed on my first time in the score range of the 30s! RDstudy.com helped me understand how to pick the best answers and they were always around if I had questions. I completed the Ingall's Memorial Dietetic Internship and my entire class passed on the first time with the help of RDstudy.com. Our Program Director included it as part of our program requirements and it was completely worth it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the RDstudy.com Staff.

Farida Quadri, MS, RD
Ingalls Dietetic Class 2012

Passed on First Try!

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you!! I passed my exam with a 28 on my first try. Your VIDEOS and questions were very helpful. Thank you!!!

New RD, CA


I passed my exam last week and I couldn't have done it without your website! All of the video tutorials were extremely helpful and easy to understand. I am a HORRIBLE test taker, but the set-up of your online quizzes helped fully prepare me for the RD exam. I recommend this site to ANYONE planning to take the RD exam. Thanks again!

New RD, OH

Passed The Exam!

I took the CDR exam today, and passed it. I had 125 questions and finished the exam in an hour, including the tutorial. The materials were very helpful -- I especially liked the videos, to break up the monotony of words on the computer screen. Thanks again!

New RD, FL

Thank you for the confidence!!

I just wanted to say thank you for making a program such as RDstudy.com. It truly helped me decrease the amount of anxiety I had going into the exam. Being able to get a feel for what it is like put my mind at ease. I highly encourage anyone to try RDstudy.com and also especially for those of us who have test anxiety. Coming from someone with pretty severe test anxiety, I am happy to say I passed the RD exam on my first try. Thank you RDstudy.com for helping me with the additional confidence needed on my test day!

New RD, NJ

Good News!

Rob & RDstudy staff,

Thanks so much for the RDstudy program. I just wanted to share the good news with you guys! I am now a registered dietitian as of last Saturday!!!!!! Couldn't be happier- this was actually my 2nd attempt to take the test. The first time I took it I was only 1 point away from passing, I scored way above the minimum this time around due to this program!!!!!! Thank you so much- the videos were so informative & I am very, very pleased with this product. I will be recommending this program to future dietitians who are looking for test prep materials! Thank you so much!!

New RD, TN

RDstudy.com Will Be Recommended!!

Thank you so much. Your website is a great resource and is helping me tremendously with my studies. I recommended it to all my soon to be RD friends :)

New RD, WV

Thank You!!

Well the exam was a lot worse than I expected, but I passed!! Thank you so much for all your help! It was really great! As you know I was a bit iffy about RDstudy at the beginning but I'm definitely feeling it now!!

New RD, MI

4th time is a charm!!

Hi, I finally passed the RD exam!! It took me until the 4th try and I am so glad that I found your web site. It helped me a lot. I passed!!

New RD, MT

Thank You for the Free Videos!

I would like to unsubscribe since I officially passed my exam. Thank you for the study help!

I passed the CDR Exam! Thank you for the free videos!

Thank you for your kind videos! They were very helpful! I have passed my RD exam and no longer needing to receive them. Can you please
remove my email from your list. Thank You.

Thank you :) I passed my RD exam :)

Thank you for your great study videos, I have recently passed my RDN exam and wish to be removed from the free video subscription. Thanks!

Please unsubscribe me. I'm an RD now - Hooray!

Thank you, I passed :)

I passed! Thanks for your help!

I passed the exam earlier this month! Thanks for all your help!

I have passed my test. Great site!

I'm finished with the exam! Thanks!

I'm now an RD! Thanks!

I passed!!

I passed my exam!! :)

I passed- thanks!

Passed my exam. :) Thank you!

I passed the RD exam yesterday, thank you for all the help.

I passed my test, thanks for the help!

I passed the exam this past week, and will no longer need the free videos :)
Thank you for your help.

I have passed the RD exam and don't need to study anymore! :) Thanks for putting out those videos free, they were are great help!
Thank you for your help!

I passed the RD exam! Thanks for these videos, they were very helpful!!

I passed!! Thank you!!!

18 New RD's!


I passed, I'm DONE! :)

New RD, California

Great News!

I just wanted you to know the absolute greatest news!!!! I just PASSED MY RD EXAM today!!!

I had taken the test several times before, and really struggled with all of the abundant amount of information out there - I tried some of the most recommended resources. But I have to say after a year of studying many companies' resources, RDstudy.com offers the best and comprehensive review that I have ever work with.

The simulated tests helped prepare for the real test conditions, and the rationales gave me a basis to re-check my work. The email responses to difficult questions were quick and thorough and became the turning point in the way I was to analyze the answers and eventually pass the test. This resource will be recommended to every dietetic student I know because it really helps prepare one for the exam! Thank you!

New RD, Kansas

Finally Successful!

I finally passed the RD exam on Friday!!

It took me until the 4th try and I am so glad that I found RDstudy.com. It helped me out so much!

New RD, North Carolina

Passed on First Attempt!

I really wanted to thank you for creating RDstudy.com. I passed on my first try!!

I had purchased two other study programs and did not feel like I was getting what I needed out of them. Your program with explanations at the end of each question and the Power Point study modules really helped me to focus on any of my weak points and review those I felt I already had a handle on. The calculations were also very helpful, as it gave me confidence that I understood the questions. It did take time to go through your program, but on top of passing my RD exam, I feel better prepared to start my new career. Thanks again for helping me accomplish my goal.

New RD, California

Another Successful Candidate!

Thanks for all your help, I passed the exam yesterday.

New RD, Maryland

Reduced Test Anxiety!

I'm proud to say I've earned my RD credential this morning!

Thank you RDstudy for the videos and practice tests! I needed to boost my confidence and deal with test anxiety. To fellow colleagues, do not lose heart. You will pass this test!

New RD, Washington

New Job Awaits!

I just had to write to say thank you as I successfully passed my RD exam!

I really do owe it to you! Coming from Canada I had NO idea what to expect for this exam as our exam is very different. I had purchased another company's study guide but after weeks of reading it over and over I wasn't retaining the information.

The videos were just what I needed as I am a very visual learner and they were taught in such a way that made sense and used a lot of examples. Also the practice questions were the most beneficial; I must have done all of them in the end. Your questions were much harder than the real exam but that is why I passed!

As I had accepted a position in Los Angeles and my entire family was moving there in just 2 weeks I had major pressure to pass. Thank you again so much, I owe my future career and life in the U.S. to your help!

New RD, California

Best Study Tool!

I think RDStudy.com was the most beneficial study tool I used to study for the exam. I just passed on the first try!!

The video tutorials were very thorough, as were the explanations for the correct answers on the practice exams. I feel like I truly learned the material and was able to apply my understanding of concepts to the actual RD exam.

I think this is far more useful than just memorizing answers from exams, which is what some other exam prep companies seem to encourage.

Thanks again for creating a great and effective learning tool, and for the excellent customer service!

New RD, Georgia

Stayed Focused!

Yay!!!!!! I took the exam yesterday afternoon and passed.

Honestly, I couldn't have done it without you. You gave me the proper directions and great tips as needed which helped me stay on track. What a great relief!

Rob, thanks a million and my thanks to everyone else on the team. Keep up the good work!

New RD, New York


Passed with a 34 :). Thanks for all your help! I've recommended your site to my fellow classmates.

New RD, California

Most Helpful Study Tool!

I retook the RD exam today and passed thanks to you!!

I have invested a lot of money in other test-prep programs, but I felt RDstudy.com's computerized practice exams helped me the best and was most like the actual exam. The most important thing I valued from purchasing your program was the support I received via emails. I appreciate the time you took to answer my questions. I felt like I really had a study buddy.

I will definitely be telling ALL graduating students about your program. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

New RD, Texas

Solidified Concepts

Thank you for RDstudy.com!

I recently passed my RD exam. The website was helpful in understanding some concepts I was unsure with and your support was much appreciated.

Thanks again!!

New RD, Virginia

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