Video Tutorials

Because some topics are better understood visually! ® currently has over 55 videos uploaded in our growing video library. ® Video Library

Customizable tests

Many videos are linked to conceptually related exam questions. With a click, watch and understand how a solution is obtained; another click returns to your test!

Video Tutorials to help you with your RD exam preparation

The video library is now searchable! The videos are also presented alphabetically by their title, which is primarily their topic - making the videos you need easier to find!

Videos integrated into the exams

Some topics have one video; complex topics start with the basics which are then built upon. Your viewing history is saved, so you can see what you still need to review!

Review Concepts and Topics

All videos have a short quiz testing you on the concepts presented. All of your quiz scores are recorded, providing you with another tool to track your progress!

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